[Rivalrous Masculinities Poster]

Welcome to our virtual exhibition on "Rivalrous Masculinities: Changing Images of the Male Body over Time."

Our course and our exhibition are entitled Rivalrous Masculinities, which implies two things: masculinity exists in more than one form, and those multiple forms of masculinity interact with each other, often resulting in conflict. In that conflict, each form of masculinity defines itself in response to the universe of all others and weaves itself into the construct of society. The relationship of masculinities to each other and to their binary— femininity—defines what it means to be a male.

As you "walk" through the exhibition, we encourage you to reconsider your first impressions of the images. Who can be masculine? What does it mean to be masculine? How do other factors like race and age affect masculinity? Why is a man who has a more feminine appearance seen by many as less masculine rather than more feminine? What stereotypes of femininity occur to you as you look at these images of men?